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Rejuvenate, sculpt, feel fabulous !


Why changing and trying a new method ?

  • If you are not losing weight or fat mass, despite intensive workout  

  • If you suffer from constipation, skin hair nails issues, headaches, tiredness, insomnia, acidity, tendinitis...

  • If you don't know your ideal diet, workout, macro and micronutrition rules to reach your goals

  • If you had been dieting or "yo-yoing"

  • If you are looking for fast, healthy, long term results

  • If a full body transformation means rejuvenation and wellness for you

The Method 

  • We believe that food is THERAPY, and that we are all different

  • Between miracles and inefficient diets or workouts, we help you learn the math, dos and dont's that will make the difference

  • Discover how to nourish your body cells, and change your metabolism effectively

  • Review your complete lifestyle rather than only counting calories to regenerate effortlessly

  • All-in-one : improve your health and prevent your body from aging, inflammation, fat storage, cellulite, dysbiosis, chronical diseases.

Contact us for a tailor made plan combining Lagree training and your personalized diet. 

Lean, sculpt, rejuvenate. Health coaching and Lagree workout for a fast body transformation
Transform, strengthen, burn, sculpt, tone in days not in months with Lagree Fitness


Get fast results IN DAYS, not in months with the unique high intensity low impact full body Lagree Fitness. 


SHAKE, SWEAT, STRENGTHEN, TONE, BURN up to 600 calories in 25mn, and even 48h after your training ! 


Train effectively by reaching the after burn effect (EPOC). The more INTENSE the workout, the more oxygen your body needs to consume afterward, and therefore the more calories used.


Plan your nutrition and private training routine with the Megaformer or Microformer to reach your goals faster, and to experiment the Best of the Lagree Method as we are the official advanced Lagree trainer in Geneva. We believe in the superior approach of the Method, and the endless evolution of fitness.